Toronto Buffing Inc: Who are we?

A brief introduction to our company and services:

Specializing in automotive paint correction, paint protection film, scratch repair, chip repair, and ceramic coatings.


Proudly serving Toronto, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Markham, Brampton, Scarborough,  Etobicoke and more with the  the best reconditioning and protection on the market  

We at Toronto Buffing Inc. specialize in permanently restoring your vehicle's paint to better than new condition via the process of buffing and polishing. We are the original and only company in Toronto specializing exclusively in automotive exterior detailing. Whether it be scratch repair, swirl removal, stone chip, touch ups, headlight refinishing, texture removal, polishing, claybar treatment, waxing, ceramic coatings, paint protection films and other paint correction related tasks, Toronto Buffing Inc. has you covered.   

With 10 years experience in paint correction specifically, we have dealt with every paint issue imaginable and understand what it takes to deliver desired results.  We are geared toward building long lasting relationships with our clients, as well as providing the highest quality paint refinishing services. Our company survives on referrals. That is why satisfaction is guaranteed.   

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About Us

Experienced Staff


Our skilled team has over 20 years of combined experience and training in the paint correction industry. We are experienced with everything from heavy watersanding to fine polishing. This is a factor that distinguishes our company from others. We offer a skill traded, not general labor.

Whether it be ceramic coatings, paint correction, scratch repair, swirl removal, stone chip, touch ups, headlight refinishing, texture removal, polishing, claybar treatment, sealants, and other paint related tasks, Toronto Buffing Inc. has you covered. We have completed over 1000 paint restorations to date, and are true masters of our trade. 

We live breath and sleep automotive paint! 

We have thorough experience with all vehicle makes including Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, BMW, Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Fiat and more. We have extensive experience and training with various European, domestic, and Japanese paint systems.

We are trained to deal with the following paint defects:  Swirl marks, Fine Scratches, Scuffs, Overspray, Cement on Paint, Road Paint, Keyed Paint, Dull Headlights , Deep Scratches, Fading Paint, Orange Peel, Etching, Urethane Wave, Dust in Clearcoat, Clearcoat Sink, Spider Scratches, Holograms, Bad Buff Jobs, Buffer Trails, Dry Paint, Paint Stains, Sanding Scratches, Tar, Vandalism, Tree Sap, Wear & Tear, Ceramic Coating Removal, Paint Chips, Paint Protection Film Removal and much more! 

True Tradesmen



We are trained to permanently remove your auto paint defects and imperfections, rather than cover them with hiders. You receive a personalized service in which at least a full day is spent. A single paint expert handles your vehicle from start to finish. Only the best products are used.

  • Warranty on All Scratch Repairs
  • Insured, Certified, and Registered
  • 5-Star Rated
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Specialized Service



Trained,  educated, certified, and experienced at the dealership, detailing  facility, and body shop level in automotive paint correction, paint  refinishing, and scratch repair. What makes Toronto Buffing different  from the competition, is the fact that we only offer exterior services. 

Rather than being a jack of all trades, we are masters of one; Paint Correction & Paint Protection

Core services

Paint Correction


We specialize in restoring paint to better than new condition via the process of buffing and polishing!

Ceramic Coatings


Looking for long term protection against chemicals, enviroment, and light swirl marks? Invest in ceramic coatings!

Paint Protection Film


The ultimate protection. Resistant to stone chips, scratches, and the environment. Xpel & Suntek Films!

Scratch Repair


We can repair many clearcoat scratches with various autobody methods, without repainting your vehicle!

Isolated Chip Repair


Have a stone chip? We can use our well guarded process to repair your chips and protect against rust!

Headlight Restoration


Headlights not looking up to par. Our headlight restoration process is fast, effective, and permanent!

Paint correction

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing defects from an automotive finish. This is (usually) done with collective friction via machine polishers and pads, abrasion via aluminum oxide based compounds and/or fine grit sandpapers. Other tools and accessories may be used throughout the process (meters, lighting, etc). 

Contrary to popular belief, the mechanism of action is done by removal of clearcoat. 

Preparation of an automotive surface is part of the paint correction process, but in itself is not “paint correction”. With modern vehicles, “paint” correction has little to do with the actual “pigmented paint”, but more so the clearcoat. A tech is usually dealing with a “Clearcoat Correction” rather than paint correction, unless a vehicle is basecoat only (eg. lacquer, or single stage). 

“Scratches” or “Swirls” are microscopic cavities in an automotive finish. The process as a whole has one goal; to remove as little material as possible, to achieve a “leveled” scratch free surface. When done correctly, the process is perfectly safe. 

Taking paint measurements, thoroughly inspecting the surface, and researching the vehicles history are all good precautions to ensure a safe paint correction.  

Paint correction 50/50
Paint correction 50/50

What products do you use?

 We use industrial grade products. There is no standardized system (in our opinion) for all paint types. Some paints react better to certain buffing compounds and machines than others. We use a variation of Menzerna, 3M, Sonax, and Wolfgang polishing compounds. 

What machines are used?

 We use the latest machines on the market including brands such as Rupes, Flex, and Makita. We have over 12 machine polishers of varying size in order to work on the most intricate body styles.  Our personal favorite is the new Rupes Rotary Polisher, paired with the Rupes 21 Mark 3.

This being said, all the finest products and machines mean nothing in the hands of someone that can not use them. We have mastered the flawless finish on every type of paint, and know exactly what combination of products and tools will be required to reach the desired result, as well as the limitations of paint correction.  

Do you measure the paint before you begin?

We always take measurements of a vehicle before we proceed to machine it. This removes any risk of burning paint, and also gives us an idea of the history. Top dollar has been spent on various paint meters capable of measuring on all surface types.

What is your lighting set up?

We use a combination of overhead halogen (focused) lighting , paired with a Snap On Spot Light set up. We also utilize a mobile spot flash light for more illusive areas. Every job we do must pass the biggest test of all, the sun!

How long does it take?

To remove all possible defects from a vehicle, several factors come into play such as paint condition, type, defects, surface area, vehicle geometry, etc. In order to get an accurate time frame for paint correction, vehicles must be assessed in person.  Speaking very generally, paint correction can take a minimum of 4 hours, all the way up to 100 hours for larger, heavily defect, and complex jobs.


ceramic coatings


Want to protect your corrected paint with the best technology available? Ceramic coatings are your answer! These nano-ceramic coatings are liquid crystal chemicals that are applied to the surface of a vehicle. They are measurable additional layers, that are flexible and form a covalent bond with a surface. They possess many characteristics and benefits.  

Incredibly hydrophobic, they assist with preventing swirl marks and scratches, as well as combat the harshness of the environment. Protection ranging from 2 years to 25 years (Lifetime).

That "glass" like look, because in essence, we are laying glass on your paint!

A pictures worth a thousand words, but how about a video?

Take a look at this Porsche we recently completed; 3-Stage Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro Silver Package. Be sure to turn up the video quality. Approximately 30 hours went into protecting every exterior surface of this vehicle.

benefits of ceramic coatings

Additional Information


Increased Swirl Resistance:

Conventional waxes do not offer any protection against swirl marks and physical wear on a 

vehicles paint. In fact, waxes have been used for decades to hide paint issues. Ceramic 

coatings are much different, as they contain zero fillers and hiding effect. A coating can increase the hardness of a surface, resulting in a finish that is more difficult to damage. Ceramic coatings are ideal for those who have a vehicle with a delicate paint finish. It is important to understand that these ceramic products are not 100 percent scratch proof, but enables a surface to stay defect defect free for substantially longer than an unprotected surface.

Sacrificial Invisible Layer

With coatings, it's not only about swirl resistance. Another positive attribute to ceramic coatings is the fact that it adds a sacrificial layer of protection to your paint, that is able to take the brute of the damage, while keeping your original paint intact. These coatings can greatly vary in thickness depending on product and application, but generally can add anywhere from 0.5-2.5 mils. Coatings may get worn and damaged,but at a substantially slower rote. The key concept is that your original paint or clear coat is still protected.

Hydrophobic (Liquid Resistant Layer)

This factor is one of our client's favorite. A coated surface becomes hydrophobic. The science behind this water beading effect has to with the actual contact angle of the coating at a molecular angle. Different coatings have different contact angles, thus a variation in hydrophobic effect. Hydrophobic paints are surfaces that lack the ability to get wet.

Increased Gloss and Reflection

Quartz is a sapphire crystal, and most ceramic nano coatings are quartz based. This is what gives a treated vehicle the intense level of gloss. Some coatings even boast the ability to reduce orange peel via layering, such as Ceramic Pro. A key benefit is that a coated surface retains the same level of gloss as the day it was coated, for the duration of the coating.

Increase Ease Cleaning

Gone are the times of spending hours to wash and wax your vehicle. A ceramic coated surface is easier and faster to wash. This is due to some of the previous benefits. First, the hydrophobic properties make it difficult for dirt to adhere to the surface. A thorough rinse is usually enough to get a vast majority of dirt, salt and contamination off the surface. Also, the swirl resistance properties give you more tolerance for wash induced swirl marks, allowing you to worry less when doing a wash on your vehicle. Finally, you can scratch that weekly wax off your to do list, as a coated surface is at its full potential after a regular wash!

Long Term Solution

Ceramic coatings are long term investment solutions. Your initial investment in one of our coating packages saves you money and time. You will not have to do frequent polishes, or waxes, as you would with an unprotected surface. This can amount to thousands of dollars over the course of your vehicle ownership. Less important than the cash savings, is the time savings. For those who spend their Saturday waxing their vehicle can now use this time enjoying their vehicle!

Paint Protection film aka clear bra , frequently called "3M"


PPF (paint protection film) is a clear film that’s applied to the surface of your vehicle to protect your paint from rock chips, minor dents, bugs and other road debris keeping your paint unharmed. PPF is a popular choice by customers whom want to preserve their original paint from the inevitabilities of vehicle ownership, such as wear and tear. Commonly used in front end (or other high impact areas) of vehicles where damages mostly occur. We also offer full body PPF packages for ultimate protection and piece of mind. Self healing film are the latest technology in the automotive world. If scratched, the film can be repaired by simply heating the material. The material reflows itself, thus removing the defect.  


The industry leading paint protection film


Ultimate Protection

 Simply put,  Xpel offers the best paint protection film on the market. They are industry leaders in the PPF market, offering the highest quality polyurethane materials. The film is extremely durable, and resist stone chips, swirl marks, scratches, chemicals etc. Their latest product Xpel Ultimate is currently the industry leading product, and the go to material of professional installers world wide.

Industry Leaders

You have purchased a new vehicle, and are looking for the best protection on the market. Ceramic coatings are wonderful, but do not protect you against stone chips, and deep scratches. You want to be able to enjoy your vehicle without worrying about damaging the aesthetics via wear and tear. Your search is over ; invest in Xpel Paint Protection Film! 

Warranty you can trust

 Xpel Ultimate has many benefits over traditional materials. They offer a 10 year standard warranty on the film. Xpel states: Xpel Ultimate Plus also comes with a full 10-year warranty against yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking and hazing. If it fails, we’ll replace it—labor included. With a warranty offering like this, it is clear that this company truly stands behind their product! 

Learn More

Simply put, Xpel Ultimate Film paired with a Ceramic Pro package is indeed the best exterior vehicle protection available on the open market.

About Us


Self Healing Technology

This film is self healing, using EPT (elastomeric polymer technology) . They are products that are solids, with rubber like properties (elastometers). This means that if any swirls or light-medium scratches are inflicted on the surface, they can heal themselves with either the heat of the sun, warm water, or a heat gun. What this means for the client is that you will not have to replace your film frequently once it gets tarnished. In fact, the rate of deterioration is exponentially reduced with this and other technologies in the film. 



Zero Orange Peel

 Another huge benefit to Xpel Ultimate Plus is the zero orange peel effect it has. In the past with other materials, customers had to compromise between showing their paints true beauty, and protecting it. The professionals at Xpel have solved this. Traditional films give a slight texture appearance, hindering the gloss and aesthetics of your vehicle. Xpel Ultimate gives you seamless protection; you wont be able to see where the film starts and the paint ends! 


Top Coat Technology


Furthermore, another benefit of using Xpel Ultimate Plus film is their newest topcoat technology which protects the film. Old school clear bra films yellow, fade, and scar after as little as 1 year of use. This is not the case with Xpel. The film retains its gloss for years with this special clearcoat technology, and protects against environmental contamination. Bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, can be easily removed with a microfiber towel, where as with a normal paint surface, would require thorough decontamination or even polishing! 


Please note: Prices will vary, and are subject to several factors such as paint condition, type, defects, surface area, vehicle geometry, etc. Pricing of paint protection does not include cost of correction or polishing. Correction packages include a 30 day sealant. Coating prices are additional. Included chip repair is limited to 5 stone chips. Touch up paint must be provided by client.

Please note: Prices will vary, and are subject to several factors such as paint condition, type, defects, surface area, vehicle geometry, etc. Pricing of paint protection does not include cost of correction or polishing. Correction packages include a 30 day sealant. Coating prices are additional. Included chip repair is limited to 5 stone chips. Touch up paint must be provided by client.

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